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The mission of the Twin Cities Flamenco Collective (TCFC) is to bring the essence of authentic and traditional flamenco, especially the aspect of Cante (flamenco singing and songs), to the Twin Cities through education, community activities and performances.  In the past, TCFC brought Flamenco puro artists such as festero Javier Heredia from Seville, Spain for workshops and performances.  TCFC has offered a free flamenco community event “Learn about Cante Flamenco” in which guest speakers have shared their knowledge and experiences about cante and Flamenco as a way of life.  


Flamenco in its roots is an improvised communication and exchange of emotions between musicians and dancers through music.  It is also a culture and way of life for many people in Andalusia.


TCFC received a Metropolitan Regional Arts Council Community Arts grant in order to bring a Flamenco artist for educational programs on cante.  We are fortunate and excited that maestro Juan del Gastor agreed to come all the way from Seville to share his expertise and Flamenco experiences with us.  

The purpose of this program is not only to educate ourselves about cante Flamenco with Juan but also to experience Flamenco as part of our daily life, as we were in the heart of Andalusia.


Sachiko Nishiuchi

Ross Fellrath

Jill Randall


6/3 Classes

6/5 Classes

6/8 Community Gathering at Zorongo Studio

6/9 Classes

6/10 Classes

6/10 Street Performance on Lyndale Ave

6/12 Classes

6/15 Classes

6/16 Classes

6/17 Performance at James Ballentine VFW 

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Trisha Beuhring and Bob Cudeck

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This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

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